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OSS Developer (2+ FTE)

As Open-Source Software developer you work on the Nuts Specifications and the various Open-Source Github repositories. Help is needed across the entire suite of Nuts activities:

  • defining specifications
  • reference implementation development
  • demo/poc development
  • maintaining technical documentation
  • documenting best practises

The required level of expertise depends on the task at hand. If you only want to help solve small issues like cosmetic issues or bugs then not a lot of expertise is required. If you want to be a deciding factor for both specifications and the OS implementation then you should know your way around cryptography, Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, OpenID4VC, OAuth2, OAS and various other technologies.

The reference implementation uses Golang as programming language.

When you become more fluent in Nuts technology, expect to be asked by the Use Case Consultant, Hacker, Technical Support and System Architect for help.