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Community Shepherd (1 FTE)

Primarily, your role involves facilitating the Nuts value network and the support team. With the core mission of ensuring that as an initiative, we focus our attention on those topics and themes that most assist the purpose of Nuts.

Core Responsibilities

  • Safeguarding the position of Nuts within the ecosystem,
    • by maintaining relationships with relevant parties in the ecosystem
    • by identifying and interpreting trends and developments that we should focus our attention on.
  • Facilitating choices for a strategic set of reusable technical building blocks on Nuts.
  • Assisting with preparation, agreements, and follow-up of potential Nuts network participants and service providers.
  • Keeping an overview (status) of potential service providers and network participants.

Possible Tasks

  • Facilitating the description and execution of roles, responsibilities of the Nuts organization, maintaining a Wiki with a current description of the Nuts organization.
  • Ensuring coordination and consultation between the support team, technical team, and foundation.
  • Organizing a strategy afternoon for the Nuts organization twice a year.
  • Setting up a 'monitor' for the health of the Nuts ecosystem.
  • Processing learnings and feedback for continuous reflection for the improvement of the healthy Nuts ecosystem.
  • Sharing these developments with the community.

Required time: 5 days per week