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Nuts Application Engineer (2+ FTE)

As a Nuts Application Engineer, you will act as a link between software providers, the Nuts network and other standardization organizations. You will support the conception, description, and development of applications that use the Nuts network. Your role encompasses guiding the entire process from idea to production, with an emphasis on technical standardization, security, and reusability. Knowledge of specific Nuts network configurations and authentication methods is crucial.

Your role during each project varies depending on the specific people involved in the project. This can range from being the primary support for the project lead to only answering ad hoc questions.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Facilitate projects from concept to implementation, including project management and coordination.
  • Provide technical support and advice to all the stakeholders in using the Nuts network.
  • Ensure technical standardization and maintain security protocols in projects.
  • Advise on and implement Nuts network configurations, such as CORS settings, JWT Bearer Token authentication, and key management.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication among various involved parties.

This position requires an in-depth understanding of the Nuts network, including the technical and security aspects involved in application development. Your expertise ensures that applications are not only innovative but also secure and in line with Nuts best practices.