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Documentation specialist (shared role)

We're all Documentation Specialists! Documentation is all about knowledge sharing. For it to be available we just have to make sure that we have a place to put it and we take the time to do it.

There are three main locations where knowledge can be found: the Nuts website, this wiki and the Readthedocs technical documentation for the OS reference implementation. The OS technical documentation is maintained through the Nuts-node repository. In the development process we keep an eye on contributions that should also update the documentation. Nevertheless there's always a piece missing. Contributions can be made through Github by opening a pull-request. The Nuts website is maintained by the Nuts foundation. This is currently something we pay for. If there's a webmaster out there that's willing to take over this job (in-kind) feel free to contact the Nuts foundation.

This wiki should become the main place for the 'rest' of the knowledge. This is by far the most extensive part of the documentation. Subjects on the wiki include: implementation best-practises, architectural and design documentation, use-case documentation, working group proceedings and many others. Contributions on use-cases and implementation best-practises are best to be done by those who did the work.