Using well-known URIs

Many HTTP-based protocols (e.g. OpenID, OAuth2, SMART on FHIR) use well-known URIs to discover protocol metadata, which in turn contains API endpoints and other protocol-specific information. An alternative to DID document services could be using a well-known URI.

Although Nuts implements well-known URIs for OAuth/OpenID protocol support, it does not support exposing arbitrary data on a well-known URI. Hosting a use case-specific well-known endpoint could then be configured in a reverse proxy. But, as did:web DID documents can be resolved just as easily as documents on well-known URIs, it might be preferred to use services in DID documents instead.

Also note, that to be truly well-known as specified by RFC 8615, the URI must be registered at IANA. In any case, a URI must be chosen that does not conflict with existing well-known URIs.

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